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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great Feedback From Fans Of #COJ

Hello #COJ babies. Droppin' a new post to accredit some wise words from a decent man. This is what a great fan said about the music of Children Of January. This is why we do make this thing y'all call...

M. U. S. I. C.

"I'm a sucker for raw talent. But before this turns into a novel, let me just say, KEEP IT CLEAN. What I admire about you and Omari (Epitome) is that, it's just about the music for you guys. You help open up the minds of many individuals but introducing quality informative music to the young America. We needed that. Less ignorance in the music business, and open ears, means smarter americans. Leave the violence and hatred to thugs, the unfortunate and unsuccessful. You gentleman have too much to lose and too much to live for. Thank You, for allowing us fans to be apart of this history. Remember, let the hater's hate, and the fans, appreciate. Because MUSIC is MUSIC, and Quality Music, that's COJ. There's no time, for crime, and the prime of the music industry."

Damn. Deep. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mixtape Has Dropped!


Shooting Stars, Women, And A Passion For Money is out and you're able to download it NOW for FREE. Here's the link!

Children of January Presents: Shooting Stars, Women, And A Passion For Money


Monday, January 17, 2011

Doctor Time, Just Checking Up With Y'all!

What's going on with everyone? How's everyone doing? Heeeh?

So, January 30th is quickly approaching, in which #COJ will drop it's debut mixtape. Time to shut the haters the FUCK UP!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's On Your Mind?

First off, let me start by saying wussuuuuup?

Well, alright. Let me get right to it. 

Children of January is going to present you with their first mixtape titled 'Shooting Stars, Women, And A Passion For Money' dropping on January 30th. We pushed the enveloped for y'all to drop this tape as soon as we could humanly make possible. But we wanna hear some feedback from our fans (and our haters) about our music. We wanna hear what you guys think you know? Drop some feedback, can you do that? Huuuh? Would you?

Thanks to everyone who jumped on the wave thus far. It's a good feeling to know people can mess with your music.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Check Out This Upcoming Clothing Line! I DON'T BULLSHIT!

Buncha smoove cats I know making their own clothing company and by the looks of things, shit is going super #smoove. Follow the movement @SmoothNYC_  and CERTAINLY peep the SmoothNYC website #niceee

Mixtape Dropping TOO SOON! Are Y'all Ready?

Okay, so. After a little strategy and discussion, Epitome and I have decided the date that the Children of January's first mixtape, 'Shooting Stars, Women, And A Passion For Money' will drop. Y'all ready?

Badadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada CHING!

January 30th bitches! That's right, the last Sunday of January is when we dropping the bomb; the anticipated mixtape; the realest music you will hear for awhile.

Wanna stay updated with the #COJ movement? There are several ways to  stay in the loop, 'cause we really making moves out here people. Here are some ways.

1) Follow us on Twitter @COJbitches
2) Go 'Like' our Facebook Fan Page at the Children of Janaury Fan Page
3) Go watch some #COJ TV on YouTube
4) Last, but certainly not least, shoot us some emails about anything and everything (feedback, future collaborations, ghost writing, etc.)

Matty is over and out, toodles! #COJ bitchessssssssssssssss =)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of #COJ

It's beginning to look a lot, like January. All...throughout...New York...
You have now entered the wonderful WONDERFUL world of your most favoritest rap duo, Children of January. Para mis hispanics, nos llamos los Hijos De Enero.

NOW, on to the main attraction. "Who are they?" you may be asking yourself, and what do we truly stand for. Well, let me give you the quick low-down to let y'all understand a little bit more.


The new-age hip hop group, consisting of the duo Omari "Epitome" Saxby and Matthew "Matty" Bacon, began its formation in the second-half of 2010. Individually, each artist was on their own grind, pushing music to their independent audiences; each had the same goal of reaching out to people through their sounds. Omari and Matthew met each other in high school at Fordham Preparatory High School in the Bronx, New York. They became friends but after high school, they went back to their own lives due to no one's fault. However, when they both discovered that their sounds were very similar, they decided to see how they'd sound when doing a collaboration track. They did their first track in December of 2010 sampling "Pon De Floor," a super-fast, up-tempo Jamaican track. Instantly, people loved it and they received great feedback with nearly 1,000 YouTube views in the first week. With that as a great indicator to them, they created their super-duo group and called themselves "Children of January" or "#COJ" for short. The name of the group derived from Matty and Epitome both being January babies, and that they felt in January of the new 2011 year would be the official start of their musical takeover.


With that brief history, Epitome and I are looking to take the game by storm; of course, we will need the help of YOU, YOU, AND YOU to back it up and dump it (ayeee). Pause, my bad. We will need your help to push the music that we create for your listening pleasures.

Get it? 
Got it?!


Let me leave this first post with a quote from a great source and a great force...

"Strike me down, and I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."
 - Obi wan Kenobi